If your dog has fleas, you have fleas – many you can't even see. But stopping an infestation doesn't stop with your pet. Fleas and flea eggs waiting to hatch could be hiding in your carpet, floor crevices, patio and landscaping. We are here to help s...
T here are times when we have to travel and our pups can't come along for the trip. You might be going on an extended vacation over seas or traveling for work. It's important to have a caretaker for your dog that you trust completely but even then, b...
It's funny when I ponder the word "own" to describe my place in my dog's life. I can't imagine telling someone that I own a child — biological, adopted, or otherwise. And I feel that the word "own" — when it comes to describing the inclusion of a dog
Crating philosophy Crate training uses a dog's natural instincts as a den animal. A wild dog's den is his home, a place to sleep, hide from danger, and raise a family. The crate becomes your dog's den, an ideal spot to snooze or take refuge during a
Have you decided to get a puppy of your very own? Congratulations! Bringing a new dog into your home will change your life forever. Puppies are definitely a lot of work, but they also bring plenty of joy to your world. Whether you are getting your fi
Fleas are small insects that feed on blood of mammals. They have no wings and cannot fly but they jump from one host to another, laying numerous eggs in the process. They can also transmit diseases like plague and myxomatosis (especially in rodents a
National Dog Bite Prevention Week®, sponsored by a coalition including the United States Postal Service, State Farm Insurance, and the American Veterinary Medical Association. The event is designed to raise awareness of dog bite statistics and help t
Dog Teeth Cleaning At Home Dental health is vital in animals not just in humans. Dogs need to maintain their dental hygiene to avoid any periodontal disease. Dog teeth cleaning at home are not much different from what we do to ensure that our teeth a
When puppies play with each other, they use their mouths. Therefore, puppies usually want to bite or "mouth" hands during play or when being petted. With puppies, this is rarely aggressive behavior in which the intent is to do harm. Because puppies a
Do Dogs Dream? According to the National Sleep Foundation, our dogs spend roughly 12-14 hours per 24-hour period snoozing. Often, dog owners will associate that little leg twitch or tiny "yip" that comes out while sleeping has to do with something th

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